Computes mass properties for the current model using densities of materials assigned to its components.

BricsCAD Mechanical


Note: BmMassProp will format the values of mass, volume and linear nature with their corresponding units only if the PROPUNITS system variable has the corresponding bits set to 1 or the corresponding flag in the Settings dialog for the Property units field is checked.


The density values used for the mass property calculations are taken from materials defined by the Material property of the components and subcomponents, which can be either inherited from the main component of the assembly or set explicitly. The density of the main component is defined by the materials set in the Material field in the Mechanical Browser dialog. If a material does not have an assigned density, or its density is less or equal to zero, an error message displays, and the mass properties will not be computed. All materials involved in the assembly must have non-zero non-negative densities.

Selects the 3D solids and subcomponents or the entire model and will get a Report in the Prompt History window:

---------------- Component ----------------
Mass: 6.7757 kg
Volume: 846.9586 cm³
Centroid: X= -267.9141 mm Y= 46.2431 mm Z= -435.3534 mm
Moments of inertia: X= 1.3564 kg·m² Y= 1.8427 kg·m² Z= 0.5730 kg·m²
Products of inertia: 
XY: -0.0808 kg·m²
YZ: -0.1535 kg·m²
ZX: 0.7934 kg·m²
Radii of gyration: X= 447.4159 mm Y= 521.4979 mm Z= 290.802 mm
Principal moments and X-Y-Z directions about centroid: 
I: 0.0551 kg·m² along X= 0.0000 Y= -0.7071 Z= 0.7071
J: 0.0570 kg·m² along X= 0.9906 Y= 0.0970 Z= 0.0969
K: 0.0899 kg·m² along X= -0.1371 Y= 0.7004 Z= 0.7004


Aligns the UCS with the principal moment axes.
Keeps the current UCS.
Note: The command can be interrupted by pressing the CANCEL button when it takes too long.