Reference Edit dialog box

The Reference Edit dialog box allows you to edit block references and externally-referenced drawings.

  1. Path
  2. Description
  3. Reference Name
  4. Preview
  5. Select nested entities
  6. Settings


Displays the name of the path.


Displays the description of the path.

Reference Name

Lists the name of the block and nested blocks, if any.


Displays a preview of the current reference.

Select nested entities

Determines how nested blocks/xrefs are handled.

Includes nested entities automatically.
Includes nested entities by selecting them after the dialog box is closed by pressing OK.


Determines how entities are treated during editing.

Enable unique layer and symbol names
Toggles the use of $0$ in layer and other names.
Display attribute definitions for editing
Toggles the inclusion of attributes.
Lock objects not in working set
Toggles locking of entities not being edited.