AI_BOX command

Creates a 3D polyface mesh in the shape of a box.

BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Creates a 3D polyface mesh in the shape of a rectangular or square box. Choose from a combination of options including corner, length, width, height, cube, and rotation angle.

  1. Corner of box
  2. Height
  3. Width
  4. Length
  5. Rotation angle

Methods to create a box

here is one method to begin creating a box:
  • Corner of box
Corner of box
Begin creating a box by specifying a corner for the base of the box then:
Length of side of box
Specify the length of the box.
Set width of box
Specify the width of the box.
Additional option: [Cube]
Height of box
Specify the height of the box.
Rotation angle for box
Specify the rotation angle of the base of the box in the xy-plane. The default is 0.

Option within the AI_BOX command

After you begin creating a box, the following option may be available:

Specify a single distance to use for the length, width, and height of the box.
  1. Length
  2. Width
  3. Height