EXPORT command

Exports data from the current drawing to a variety of file formats.

BricsCAD Shape; BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM




Opens the Export Drawing As dialog box to save the data from the current drawing to a variety of file formats.

These are the supported file formats for export, depending on the license level:

BricsCAD Lite
  • FBX binary file (.fbx)
  • FBX ASCII file (.fbx)
  • AutoCAD Drawing (dwg)
  • AutoCAD ASCII DXF (dxf)
  • Drawing Template (.dwt)
  • Bitmap file(2) (.bmp)
  • Windows Meta File (.emf)(1) (2)
  • Enhanced Windows Meta File (.wmf)(1) (2)
  • 3D DWF v6.01 (.dwf)
  • Binary DWF v6.0 (.dwf)
  • Zipped ASCII Encoded 2D Stream DWF v6.0 (.dwf)
  • Compressed DWF v5.5 (.dwf)
  • Binary DWF v5.5 (.dwf)
  • ASCII DWF v5.5 (.dwf)
  • Compressed DWF v4.2 (.dwf)
  • Binary DWF v4.2 (.dwf)
  • ASCII DWF v4.2 (.dwf)
  • XPS DWFx (.dwfx)
  • Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
  • Lithography (.stl)
  • Collada file(.dae)
  • Micro Station DGN File (.dgn)
BricsCAD Pro
  • Unreal Datasmith (.udatasmith)(1) (2)
  • Rhino file (.3dm)(1) (2)
  • 3D PDF: .pdf

  • Assembly ACIS file (.asat)
  • Assembly ACIS file (.asab)
Note: Native export to 3D PDF and ASAT formats also support mechanical blocks, external references and solids.
Note: EXPORT stores a scale factor in the SAT and SAB files relative to mm which will be used to scale while IMPORT, and creates the current SPATIAL ACIS format which cannot be imported into AutoCAD®.
BricsCAD BIM / Mechanical / Ultimate
  • IFC2x3 file (.ifc)
  • IFC4 file (.ifc)
  • IFC4x1 (.ifc)

(1) Not available for BricsCAD for Linux.

(2) Not available for BricsCAD for macOS.

Note: If the EXPORT3DPDFWRITER system variable is set to 1 (Internal 3D PDF writer) and you save the drawing as a 3D PDF file, the Select animation dialog box displays:

Choose an animation to export (1) and set the required number of frames per second (fps) (2), or select No exploded view animation to export the document without animation.

Note: Export to Binary DWF v6.0 (.dwf) takes into account only the Plot area of the layout or model space defined in the Page Setup. Therefore, everything outside the plot area will be removed and or clipped away.
Note: The EXPORTMODELSPACE, EXPORTPAPERSPACE and EXPORTPAGESETUP system variables currently are dummies for .dwf exports.
Note: More 3D formats are available through a separate module, BricsCAD Communicator. You can download it from the Bricsys website.

The import and export procedures using Communicator are controlled through a series of user preferences. See the Communicator section in the Settings dialog box.

Note: To export to a PDF format, use the EXPORTPDF command.
Note: The EXPORT command supports components architecture based on regular blocks.