Inserts a standard hardware part as a mechanical component in the current drawing.

BricsCAD Mechanical


This command can only be executed via the options in the Command line.

Note: To initialize the mechanical structure in the current drawing, run the BMMECH command.
Note: This command is obsolete and creates non-parametric standard hardware parts. To insert parametric standard hardware, use the Library panel. This contains parametric Standard Mechanical Components.

Options within the command

Allows to switch on/off the creation of parametric standard parts.
create Custom
Allows to create custom standard parts from prepared tables. Opens the Select configuration table file dialog box that allows to select your created .txt file (or files).
Edit inserted entity
Edits the parameters of the selected insert.
SMART insert
Allows to automatically connect a Piping standard part to an existing Piping standard part by creating a proper set of 3D constraints between them and by copying expressions for the parameters of existing inserted part to the new part.
Rotate component
Specifies the rotation angle by entering a value.
set Base point
Specifies a new base point for the insert.
Renames the insert by entering a name.
insertion Type
Specifies the insertion type.
Inserts the part locally.
Inserts the part externally.
Inserts the selected insert in the opposite face of the solid.
Allows you to insert multiple copies by entering multiple insertion points.
Creates an associative array of components.
Change target 3d solids
Allows you to choose the new set of target solids. Any current component-based features will be removed and new ones will be created for the selected solids.
Removes the existing component-based features with their geometry. See the BMUNLINK command.
Select all affected 3d solids
Automatically chooses solids. A solid is selected if any solids from the BC_SUBTRACT layer or if any layer from the BC_UNITE touches or intersects it.