Creates an array along a path.

BricsCAD Shape; BricsCAD Lite; BricsCAD Pro; BricsCAD Mechanical; BricsCAD BIM



Associatively distributes entity copies evenly along a path into multiple rows and levels.

Options within the command

Determines whether an array entity is created or a series of copies of the selected entities.
Note: The default setting is saved by the ARRAYASSOCIATIVITY system variable.
Note: Parameters for associative arrays can be specified with parametric expressions set in the Array properties, found in Mechanical browser, Properties panel or through the ARRAYEDIT command.
Specifies how to distribute entities along the path.
Distributes a specific number of items evenly spaced along the path.
Note: Distributes a specific number of items evenly spaced along the path.
Places a sufficient number of items along the path, separated by the specified interval.
Base point
Sets the base point of the array. Items are placed relative to the base point.
Tangent direction
Determines how the items are aligned relative to the starting direction of the path.
2 Points
Specify two points that define the tangency of the first item relative to the starting direction of the path. Depending on the Align Items setting, the other items are placed parallel to the first item or at the specified tangent direction relative to the direction of the path. In the image Tangent direction - 2 points, the blue arrow indicated the tangency direction.

Tangent direction - 2 points

Orients the Z direction of the item with the starting direction of the path.
Specifies the number of items or the distance between items, depending on the Method setting.
Enter number of items along path
Places items along the entire path at the specified distance.
Note: Placing items along a portion of the path is possible, by specifying a smaller number.
Enter the distance between items along path
Specifies the distance between items by entering a value or picking two points.
A mathematical formula or equation can be used to derive the value.
Fill entire path
Fills the entire path with items at given spacing.
Note: This option operates like grips editing. If the number of items changes, the length of the path should also change. When the path is modified using grips editing, the array entity is recreated along the modifies path.
Specifies the number of rows in the array, the distance between them and the incremental elevation.
Distance between rows
Specify the distance between subsequent rows by entering a value or picking two point.
Specify the distance between the first and the last row.
Incrementing elevation between rows
Defines the increasing or decreasing elevation for each subsequent row.
Creates 3D arrays by specifying the number and spacing of levels.
Specifies the distance between the bottom and the top level.
Specifies the distance between the bottom and the top level.
Align items
Specifies whether to align each item tangent to the path’s direction. Alignment is relative to the first item’s orientation.
Each item is placed tangent to the path direction.
Each item keeps the orientation of the first item.
Z direction
Determines whether to maintain the items’ original Z direction or to bank the items naturally along a 3D path.
Z direction (vertical) is maintained.
Items banked along the helix.
Accept the current settings and conclude the command.